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Hi there!

I made it my mission to motivate and inspire the people from around the world to strive for more in life. Why? Because I know that the alternative is not worth living for. I experienced first hand how hard living can be and it nearly broke me. Today I know: my past is dark because the light of my future shines on me and casts a shadow on it.

Join me on my path to greatness and happiness in life!


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As a high performer and overachiever I coach and consult people in life & business.

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I am…

…motivated, hungry and eager to strive for more!

I’m also a software engineer.
That’s why you can find some of my links and projects on here.


This is an overview of some of my projects I published.

News Feed

I support the freedom of speech. Everyone should have access to news from all over the world. This project has the goal to make information accessible to everyone.

Crypto Chat

In a time of mass surveillance it is difficult to have a private conversation. This project is designed to enable everyone to communicate securely and confidentially online.


… find more of my open-source code repositories – ranging from small, helpful libraries to full blown projects – over on GitHub.


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